Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mail from Australia!

I had been waiting for it with great anticipation.  My blog friend, Karen, (she calls me her long distance friend!) was featured recently in the local newspaper's magazine.

There are her hand made soap bars on the cover!

She was featured in two places in the magazine.  One story was on her kitchen, her favorite room in the house, and where she makes her soap.

And the other featured her very creative designs.

I thought the reporter did a fine job of capturing the "real" Karen.  She is a very down-to-earth woman whose life focuses on her family, her home, and her joy of soap making.

Check out her blog, grannysgarden.  You'll find it to the right of your screen in my blog list.  And, Karen, be sure to let me know when you go global with your soap business!


  1. I love to see the creativity of others. I've not tried soap making but Midwest Chick and I (both bath goodie collectors) have a number of hand crafted bars we've picked up. Her partner is happy with he he man soap, but when I visit on the occassional weekend I always look forward to something new to try.

    Congratulations Karen for the recognition!
    Brigid (sorry, it didn't recognize my identify thing)

  2. Im so glad you liked it :0)
    Happy Easter Sherry !

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