Monday, April 16, 2012

Cousins Reunion 2012

Since our first cousins reunion in 2009, this has become an event all of us look forward to each year and we've stretched it out from just one day.  The next day after arriving in town,  six of us headed over to the land that we inherited from our parents, who in turn, inherited it from their parents for generations back.  Kenny and I went about unpacking our gear to do some target shooting.

Next up was grilled kabobs on the grill for lunch.

The next day was the big event.  Bruce, Debbie, and Richard, and Richard's wife, Lisa, came up from Pensacola.  Kip and Rita came from Alabama.  As the morning went on, others came.  I think we had 20 all together.

Kenny traded his guns for a rod and reel and look at the results!

This year we had four generations at the reunion.  This picture shows our oldest cousin, June, holding her great-grandson, Jackson.  Next to June is her daughter, Ginga, and then Austin, Ginga's son and Jackson's dad.  Oh!  And with June attending this year. . . I was not the oldest cousin there!!!

After a fun day together, we packed up and another cousins reunion had come to an end.  Some of us headed over to the vacation home of Rita's in-laws.  It overlooks a beautiful lake with that wonderful deck that sits above the water.  What a great place to relax, watch the clouds go by and listen to the birds sing.  Thanks, Rita and Kip, for inviting us again this year.

Before heading back to Rochester, I spent a couple of days here with Rita after everyone else went home.  Another wonderful vacation.

Sandy, our "adopted" cousin and my cousin, Pam's, friend invited me to come to a mountain retreat he owns in Tennessee this summer.  I told him he wouldn't have to beg me to do that!  Hope to see you soon, Sandy and Pam!!! 


  1. What great fun! And, what great memories to last forever. Thanks for sharing your pictures and story. :)))))) Travel safely and BE CAREFUL in Tennessee!

  2. What fun! The kabobs look delicious!

  3. So funny...when my nephew came to Tennessee, it was drag out the pistols and rifles and shoot. Then when my hubby and I lived in Tennessee, he could shoot from our front yard. And could sight in a rifle at 500 yards with out picnic table as a rest....those were some of the happiest days of our life.


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