Friday, November 25, 2011

A quiet Friday for me

Although both my daughters-in-law are Black Friday shoppers, not me! Jen was at Target at midnight last night and said it wasn't too bad. Marisa and her mom were going out this morning.

As for me, I'm enjoying making stock from Marisa's turkey carcass from yesterday. I'm doing it in the crock pot. I also have a turkey to roast today! Since I love all my left over turkey recipes, at the last minute, I decided to buy a fresh turkey from the farmer over in Central New York where I buy meat and eggs. They harvested these turkeys on Monday and delivered them to Rochester on Monday night. As I was waiting to get my turkey from them on Monday night, one of the women in the small crowd told me, "Once you have one of their turkeys, you will never be satisfied with any store bought one!" The back of their van was filled with turkeys wrapped in clear plastic! Quite a sight to see!!!

I'm also enjoying 4 mornings of sleeping in without being disturbed by the alarm clock! Wish I could say the same about Molly. When daylight inches above the horizon, she starts slapping me with her paws and licking me until I decide it's easier to get up than to put up with her nonstop attack.


  1. Quiet is good ! Enjoy the rest :0)

  2. I have a couple cats that simply refuse to let me ever sleep in. There must be some unwritten rule of conduct for pets.


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