Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Tilly hat

We all have possessions that are old, been with us for years, and something we'd be lost without. I have quite a few of those. My Tilly hat is right at the top of that list.

The Tilly hat, made from canvas, will last a lifetime. It will float on water, has both a chin and back of the head strap to keep it from blowing off in the wind, and does a fine job of protecting from the sun. When it gets dirty, I throw it in the washer with towels and it returns to it's like-new look.

I've owned it for 25 years or more. Don't really remember when I first got it. I've worn it on canoe trips, hiking, and even less fun things as mowing the lawn. Over the winter, it gets thrown into the plastic storage bin in my living room closet and crushed among the winter hats, gloves, and scarfs, often getting pushed to the bottom. But in the spring, I pull it out, push it in to shape and it's ready to go again.

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  1. Well that is a fine looking 25 year old hat !I'd be proud to own it too Sherry :0)
    I bet it has many a happy paddle,if only hats could talk !


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