Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A walk with Molly on the Canal Path

On a recent sunny day, I took Molly for a walk on the Canal Path, one of her favorite things to do. Our usual walk is between Edgewood Dr. and Clover St and back, a distance of 2 miles round trip.

We stopped to visit with another dog out for a walk. The dog's owner held Molly's leash while I snapped this picture. He proudly told me this was his third rescue dog and it came from out of state. [Rochester is known as a receiving center for rescue dogs throughout the country] While I respect everyone's choice of a dog, and in fact, one of my "granddogs" is a rescue dog who has turned into an excellent family pet, I have a very deep love for purebred Labs. Molly is my third Lab since 1985 and I have never been disappointed in my choice. I listened to this gentleman's dissertation on why everyone should choose a rescue dog for a few minutes and then politely said, "We should be on our way, I have an appointment later today."

"Sherry insists we stop for a break in the shade."

[Wish I had seen that white speck on her head (a piece of a wildflower) before I snapped this one!]

One of the many tour boats you see on the Canal. Notice the bikes on top!

I have a high regard for the Erie Canal that runs across New York State from Buffalo over to the Hudson River. As I have mentioned on other posts, twice I have ridden my bike across NYS, mostly following the Canal Path. In addition, I have spent a great deal of time over the years paddling a canoe or kayak, riding my bike, walking, or having lunch at one of the numerous restaurants along the Canal. In the 38 years I have lived in Rochester, I have seen the Canal in the Rochester area go from an almost forgotten waterway to a thriving recreational and tourist attraction. It now brings people in from out of state as a destination. There are companies that rent pontoon boats and larger craft for navigating across the state on multi-day trips.

Just a brief history of the Erie Canal in the Rochester region. Nathaniel Rochester was the Donald Trump of his day. He managed to get the original canal to run through the city of Rochester through what is now Interstate 490! He was a flour merchant and this allowed him easy transportion of his product to distant destinations! That, of course, was long ago done away with and the current canal runs south of the city. There is still part of a stone lock from that original canal alongside I-490 leading into downtown Rochester.


  1. What a fun walk.

    We get lectures about rescue dogs, too, but we love our Labs. ;) We did have a wonderful German Shepherd from rescue once. Now we have Labs. No further comments, please.

    We also have a Vegan living next door, but that is another issue.

    I'm tired of having someone else or the government tell me what kind of dog to have, what to eat, and whether I can have a gun. Labs, meat, guns, and a bible, too. Yeah! <-- said with a slight sneer. ;)

  2. I wonder if I would have remained as polite as you when the person was giving the lecture about dogs...that is such a personal choice.

    Sounds like a wonderful place to take a walk...I would love watching life on the canal.

  3. That looks like such a nice place to take Molly for a walk :0)
    Lots of shady trees to stop for a rest.
    Interesting info about Nathaniel Rochester...I am however, picturing him with than very unattractive 'comb-over ! Lol.


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