Monday, August 15, 2011

My portable convection oven

Anyone who has ever been in my kitchen will tell you, the kitchen is my playroom. I enjoy all types of cooking and baking, as witnessed by my extensive cookbook collection, my Kitchen Aid mixer, my large cast iron cookware collection, my George Forman grill and rotisserie, my three crockpots, my juicing machine . . you get the picture!

Last year I bought this deni portable convection oven. I bought it to take on my trip South for our annual cousins reunion, which regular readers of my blog are familiar with. The small Alabama town where we meet is lacking in fine dining establishments. In 2010, we found ourselves going to a Shoney’s Restaurant the night before the reunion. It was crowded, noisy, and the food was mediocre. And I couldn’t have a glass of wine with my dinner! Mercy! This year we cooked in my hotel room. The first night, there were three of us so I made hamburgers. The next night there were five so I made a roast chicken and made a salad with fresh vegetables. They were amazed at what I put together for them!

It was fun just to be “us” and not have a noisy crowd to deal with or worry about the next table hearing our conversation.

When I came home, I found I enjoyed using it at home as well. I can make a roast chicken in a lot less time than my conventional oven takes. This picture shows the chicken cooking. There is another tray (not shown here) to use for things like hamburgers, or you could cook pork chops on the top tray and put vegetables on the lower tray.

Clean up is easy. Everything except the lid (which has the electrical stuff) can go in the dishwasher. They included a recipe book and a rack to set the hot lid on when your food is done.

Color me old and set in my ways, but I’m all about healthy eating. This oven caters to that. Because the fat drains to the bottom of the big bowl, your food is more nutritious and healthy.

I first heard of these appliances when I was channel surfing and found an infomercial on another brand with Mr. T (remember him?) as the host. After a little research, I found the best choice is one that has a glass bowl, as opposed to plastic that will crack over time. The deni had a lot of positive reviews on different websites and I have been pleased with it.


  1. How very nifty! But, do you have problems getting it washed while in the hotel?

    I sure do prefer home cooked food rather than chain restaurants. :)) That looks marvelous!

  2. That's the hard part! We used water from the sink, but, obviously did not immerse the parts in the sink. Just held them above the sink and cleaned with soap and water and a disposable cloth. We used disposable plates and utensils.

  3. I have wondered about these...don't know why I had not looked for reviews on line. So glad you showed this.


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