Friday, October 22, 2010

Life with Molly

Don't ever try to convince me dogs are not half human.

Last night, after a particularly brutal day at work, I fell asleep sitting on the couch watching TV. I awoke to the sound of whining. Opening my eyes, I saw on the TV cable box that it was almost 10:00 pm. There, in front of me, was a 50 pound Black Lab with a look in her eyes of "What is wrong with you, when are you coming to bed?" She sleeps on a round bed from LL Bean on the floor next to my bed. I suppose the bedroom light being on was disturbing her sleep!

I asked her if she needed to go out. She didn't. "Is it bedtime?" Her tail began to wag and she pranced around.

Molly is extremely habit-oriented. In the morning, as soon as I get out of bed, I let her out. She quickly runs back inside and to her food bowl knowing that I'm going to put food in it. As she is eating, I get the coffeepot going. Before that is done, she is already in the computer room because she knows that next on my list is to check e-mails and take a quick look at the news websites.

Several weeks back, I had to drive to the airport at midnight to pick up my son. I went to bed that night but set the alarm to allow me just enough time to get up, get dressed and get to the airport, 10 minutes away. The look on Molly's face that night was priceless! You could see her thinking, "WHAT is going on here???? You NEVER do this!"

You know, I feel sorry for anyone that does not have a dog in their life.


  1. Awww, I so understand. Our two babies can tell when we are packing to leave town which happens pretty often. Penny, the older Lab, knows what is happening and just gets that terribly sad look on her face as she stays nearby and watches us pack. Erik, our young Lab, is beginning to catch on, too. Fortunately, they have our daughter Catherine living here in the house so they don't have to go somewhere else when we have to leave. Yes, they definitely understand us and we understand them. They are wonderful.

  2. I saw a 'for sale' ad in our local paper yesterday for chocolate Lab puppies and instantly thought of you :0)
    $900 !!! whoa !!

  3. Yep. Quality purebred dogs aren't cheap! I think I paid $600 for Molly and that was 9 years ago.


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