Saturday, September 25, 2010

The first hint of fall

First, I want to say Happy Birthday, Jake! My grandson, Jake, is 8 years old today!

The first signs of fall are beginning to sprout up in Western New York. The days are slightly cooler and the leaves have just begun to change color.

Here are a few pictures I took just now as I took Molly for a walk.


  1. Ah, such pretty Fall pictures! Thank you! All I see where I am today is palm trees. :\ I look forward to the drive home through the mountains and the cooler weather at home for awhile.


  2. I can’t believe how fast the leaves are changing! There is a tree that is completely yellow across the street from my office window. After living with the four seasons my whole life, it’s still a wonder to see. Hope you are well!

  3. Yes, when fall gets a little further along, I want to take Molly for a walk out at Mendon Ponds Park and get pictures out there. That will make these pictures here "boring"!!!


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