Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday morning entertainment

Who would ever think standing in line at the post office could be entertaining? Certainly not me. All I wanted to do was run in, buy my one stamp, put it on my letter and be on my way. Yes, I can buy stamps at automated machines or at Wegmans. But this was a check I was mailing for a membership at the gun club I belong to and I just wanted to get it in the mail before I forgot. I am famous for writing checks for things I can't pay online and then not remembering to drop them in the mail.

So I walk to the counter area, a rather long line and only one clerk behind the counter. There was this dear little old couple, who probably should not be out without supervision, taking up the time of the one clerk. I shudder to think one of them was driving a car to get there. Several of us in the line were rolling our eyes at each other over this.

I struck up a conversation with the rather large lady in front of me. First she told me she was mailing packages for things she had sold on eBay. She went on to tell me she makes $400 to $500 a month selling on eBay and around Christmas time it is nothing for her to take in $2000 a month. Then she began telling me about her car problems this morning.

Finally her time came at the counter and she began this whole conversation all over again with the clerk! Hhhmmm. . . wonder what else she would have told me had she had more time in line???

Then I made my purchase, the clerk took my letter and I was on my way for more mundane chores, like buying weed killer and coming home to do weekend chores.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!


  1. Hi Sherry,

    I think I have met that same lady at my post office, or maybe it was her sister. :)

    Yes, having a great Saturday here. ;) Actually, I'm taking some pictures that will eventually appear on my blog when I get them organized.

    Very best,

  2. Yes,you meet the oddest people in the strangest places sometimes,lol.At least she made simple task of buying a stamp an adventure!


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