Friday, May 28, 2010

A morning at the Botanical Gardens

Here is a photo of my youngest grandson, Andrew, and me at the children's area of the Botanical Gardens in Virginia. The Mulberry tree behind us, which is mostly on or low to the ground, is over 100 years old and still produces berries. . . we ate a handful of them!


  1. Great picture! Gee, I've never seen such an old mulberry tree. We have them in our neighborhood. The kids climbed them and ate the berries when they were little. The berries get pretty messy when the birds eat them, then poop all over the cars and lawn furniture. But, then, I love having birds around.... :)


  2. Nice photo Sherry! Just love those Grandkids :0)
    The Mulberry tree is beautiful! Just wondering why you both have name tags on ????


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