Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Okay, now I'm ready

I have two five-gallon gas cans filled with gas (for the snowblower and the generator), I have food in the house and I have batteries for the portable radio to get emergency information on WHAM. Thursday afternoon into Friday mid-day is supposed to be the worst of the storm here. If the worst happens and I lose electricity, at least I can manually start my gas stove so I can still cook and use my camp percolator to make coffee. . . you gotta take care of the important things!!! Before my father died, he installed an electrical outlet behind my refrigerator, with a cord running into the basement. I can hook a line from my generator into that and keep the refrigerator running.

The one thing I can't do is keep my furnace running since that can't be run with my portable generator. I would have to turn off the water supply and drain the pipes to keep the water pipes from freezing and busting.

See what you folks in warm climates are missing!!!


  1. Ok,ok...the frozen pipes I could do without,lol.You could always have fun with it and create a "Little House On The Prairie" evening!! Just a thought,lol.
    If only that gorgeous Charles Ingalls were there to keep you warm......
    to hold your hand whilst warming your toes in front of the open fire.....
    maybe play sweet tune on his fiddle....
    Yes this is how I picture your snowy weather,maybe I am romantising it alittle ??? You think?? :0)

  2. LOL!!! You've been reading too many romance novels, granny!!! Seriously, you know who I really worry about is Kristin over at Going Country. She lives on the other side of New York State from me and I hate to think of them losing power with a newborn in the house.


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