Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Big Snowstorm!

The big snowstorm has come and gone! Thankfully, no one in our area lost power with this one.

This is the view out my front door this morning. The picture below is what a lilac bush looks like after a snowfall! Thursday night I used the snowblower on my driveway, clearing probably about 6 or 8 inches. On Friday morning things looked really bad for travel so I decided it was better to waste a day of vacation from work than to risk getting my car smacked up. It snowed all day and the winds picked up.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon, I cleared my driveway again and there was over a foot of snow. Some boys were shoveling the driveway across the street. Their mother came along in a car and told them there was an elderly lady back up the street, who lives alone and was out shoveling her driveway. This was not the kind of snowfall for a woman in her 80's to be shoveling. One of the boys went up to her house to clear her driveway. It's hard to say how many inches we got. With the blowing and drifting, it only matters how much is in your driveway and on the roads!!!
As I sit here writing this, right outside my window in front of the snow covered lilac bush, there are 2 cardinals sitting on the branches. What a striking pose they make against a snowy background.


  1. Hi Sherry,Ive been waiting for these :0)Thats alot of snow! It looks beautiful.
    Yesterday here was slightly different,lol.The weather was very tropical.About 30c (86f)humid and showers,it was even raining when the sun was out!Im sure if you sat long enough you could watch the grass growing,lol.
    This morning (6.35am Sunday) It is 25c (77f) and raining again,but I can see some blue sky,so I guess we will have a repeat of yesterday.(We have only worn shorts and singlet tops since mid September)
    I think you are about 9 hours behind us,so enjoy saturday afternoon and evening :0)Its the last day of February (here) so the warmer weather IS on its way....

  2. Hi granny,

    I hear Australia is a possible target for a tsunami from that earthquake in Chile. I sure hope they are wrong on this one.

    After all that snow, today there is rain mixed with snow. What a mess!

  3. Yes,we have a warning out,could hit any time now,8.26am.Im not near the coast ,but son,dil and grandsons are down at the Gold Coast this weekend....beachside resort,just a waiting game now.They have told everyone on the east coast not to swim,boat or surf.The last warning we had didnt amount to anything,I hope this one will be the same :0)


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