Friday, April 3, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain. . .

Just about everyday as I walk in to work, you will see me carrying a large umbrella. . . even if the sun is shining and there are no clouds in sight. I have been caught too many times in a downpour to walk from the parking lot without my umbrella. In fact, I had two large umbrellas so that I would always have a spare. A few months ago, one of my them became hopelessly destroyed in a violent windstorm while I was trying to stay dry. It was beyond repair.

Yesterday afternoon, I had taken no more than 10 steps away from my building when I realized I left my umbrella at my work area. I had already worked past "quittin' time" and I just wanted to get home. . . besides, it didn't "look" like rain. So I walked on to the car.

This morning all of New York State and beyond is covered in heavy rain. I must have been a sight walking in to work. I was wearing my spring coat with hood, which is also a rain coat, my backpack and I was carrying a small LLBean tote bag. I placed another rain jacket over my back to cover my pack and stuffed my tote bag inside my coat. I came to a side road with traffic and I just walked out in front of the cars, daring them to run over me. . . after all, they were dry inside their car!

Right now my two coats are spread out to dry over empty chairs. They were just too soaked to try to hang in the closet with other coats nearby. Lesson learned: First, buy another spare umbrella and Second, don't leave the car or my office without an umbrella!

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