Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bo, The First Dog

Okay, it's well known that I'm a dog lover, big time. I just don't understand why some in the media and the general public are complaining about all the hoopla given the arrival of the Obama family's new dog, Bo. It was a front page story in the Washington Post, it's been all over the prime time news shows and on the web. To all those who are complaining, go play in the street. . . during rush hour traffic!

I'm a news junkie, constantly checking out the news websites, watching CNN and Channel 13, our local television station. Often I find myself wearing down with all the bad things that are happening locally and nationally in the news. My accountant even told me to stop watching CNN and stop checking my investment websites. I'm sure many of you can relate to that.

But when the focus turned to Bo and watching the Obama girls with him, well, that brought a smile to my face and I could actually feel stress draining from my body. I laughed at the photo of Obama running in a hallway with Bo right behind him.

Whether you like dogs or not, research has proven dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and general overall good health. Dogs help us deal with stress and anxiety. When I come home from work, weary from the office politics that I put up with all day, I tell Molly about it and she listens to me and then she wags her tail and licks my face, as if to say, "Okay, that's too bad, but can we go for a walk now?"

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  1. We heard about Bo too.It was on the national news this week.I think Its great,It was also reported that they have put in a big organic vege patch,wonderful !Yeh I know they will have a full time gardner,but I think they are setting a wonderful example... Im a big Obama fan :0)


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