Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thoughts on walking through the parking lot each day

In the 12 to 14 minutes it takes to walk from the gigantic parking lot to the building where I work each morning, my mind usually goes blank and whatever my eyes take in, that's what I think about! Lately, with the cold harsh winter, my eyes peer at row upon row of salt encrusted cars, as I try to negotiate around the occasional ice pond and still stay out of the way of an approaching car coming from behind, the driver more intent on finding a parking space than watching out for people walking.

There are the variety of bumper stickers that often catch my eye and provide entertainment along the way. . . "Nobama, No way, No how". . . surprising since I work in a sea of liberalism, but there are still many of us conservatives around. . . "WATCH OUT, I am fresh out of anti-depressants". . . "My dauchsund is smarter than your honor student". . . . "Protected by Smith & Wesson". . . Hhmm. . . now those of you who know me personally are thinking, "that one is on Sherry's car". Wrong!

One afternoon, not too long ago, it was snowing and blowing and just a miserable day to be outside. I approached my car, unloaded my bag and reached for the snow brush to clean off my car. A woman at the car next to mine was doing the same thing. "It could be worse!", she said to me. "Yes," I replied. "At least we have a job to go to each day.


  1. Y'know, I just ran my car through a full-service car wash/vacuum on Saturday, and by Tuesday you couldn't even tell I'd had it washed. :(

    What's really nice on those days where you're finishing brushing the snow off your car and a coworker comes out to start doing the same on their car next to yours is to help them brush their car off before you jump in your own. It really seems to perk them up!

    PS Welcome to the world of blogging! ;-)

  2. Welcome to Blogger Sherry! You have a good eye - this is the template I used on MY first blog. Looking forward to your stories and pictures.


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