Thursday, June 29, 2017

Special company for dinner

My usual routine in the morning, after taking care of the dogs, is to sit with my coffee and watch Fox and Friends on TV.  Not this morning.  I left the TV off.  The dogs were at my feet playing with chew toys.  I wanted to think about last night and the wonderful time I had with Sandy and Larry, long time friends that I haven't seen in decades. . . yes!  decades!

I smoked a brisket for dinner in my Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker.  They loved it. 

I know Sandy from my Rainbow Girl days and we went to the same high school.  When she met Larry, a dashing Navy Officer at Pensacola Naval Air Station, I could feel the chemistry between the two and knew Larry was "the one."  I was right on target.  I was in their wedding 49 years ago!

It was great fun to talk about the old days, share pictures from back then, and catch up on our lives today.

They invited me to have breakfast with them this morning at their hotel.  As we said our goodbyes, I said, "Sandy, don't wait another 50 years to get together again!"

Throughout a lifetime, there are joys, sorrows, and challenges big and small. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have friendships that span so many years.

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