Thursday, March 10, 2016

Looking forward to another season of smoking meat!

This will be my third season of smoking meat in my Weber Smoky Mountain Smoker.  Folks, good eating just doesn't get any better than smoked meat!

My all time favorite is, well, actually I have two big favorites!  One is pulled pork with Carolina BBQ sauce.  The other is a brisket.  I can just taste both of them now as I sit here writing!

And the nicest part, it is so easy to get wonderful results.  For a long time I wanted to get into smoking but had this vision of it being complicated to get good results. Finally, I decided to buy a smoker and give it a try.  The hardest part was getting it in my car!  The box barely fit.  Next I took everything out of the box and spread it across my living room floor.  Putting it together was easy. I have the 18 inch model.  There is a 14 inch and a 21 inch (that refers to the diameter of the smoker.)

So give it a try.  You'll love the results.

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