Saturday, January 2, 2016

Something new

Gonna try something new for my blog.  In one of my quiet moments I was thinking how blessed I am to have the friends and family that I do.  They come in all shapes, sizes, ages, intellect, and all are unique in their own way.  Some I've known all my life, others for many years, and maybe even a few who have stumbled into my life more recently.

Sooo. . . here's the rules.  I will not name names or give too much identifying information to protect the guilty.  If you are the first to correctly identify the person, you win a prize!  Your choice, a big chocolate bar or bottle of wine.  This is all in fun and if I offend somebody, TOUGH!

Everyone I write about is special to me. Some for standing by me through thick and thin, others for consistently making me laugh, and others who have touched my life in so many ways.

Drum roll, please. . .  The first person to appear on my post is, let's call her Sadie.

Sadie is older than me and I've known her since way back.  She lives in Florida and likes to party.  And oh, can she entertain.  If you want her opinion on something, she is all too happy to tell you.  Even if you don't want her opinion, she'll tell you anyway.  She will always get the last word in.  If you go back through my entire blog - that's all the way back to February 2009 - you will find her picture here and there.  Like her or not, being around her means lots of laughs and good times.

Okay, that should be an easy one for many of my readers.

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