Thursday, September 3, 2015

Life with a Lab puppy

I should start a new blog totally dedicated to the antics of a Lab puppy.

Let's see, earlier this week, I sat down with my glass of wine after work and after taking care of the needs of Bailey and Morgan.  Immediately there erupted a dog fight in my lap, each one intent on getting my undivided attention.  Through all this, I managed to keep my glass of wine anchored to the end table without even one spill!

This morning, after they had their rough and tumble time in the living room as I drank my coffee and watched Fox and Friends, I got up to cook my breakfast.  Yes, I know you aren't supposed to take your eyes off a young puppy, not even for a second.  In less than a second, Bailey managed to latch on to the toilet paper on the bathroom wall and run at Olympic Gold Medal speed through the house.  She was so proud of herself with that excited puppy look and the tail going at the speed of sound.  You buy them expensive toys and they'd rather play with a roll of toilet paper.

Then there are those moments when she humbly crawls into my lap and looks at me with those "Can I have some loving?" eyes and falls asleep as I scratch her head and neck.


  1. Oooooooh, how I miss being home right now!

    At the moment, though, Wendy is dock diving. She's having a blast. I think this will be a diving dog rather than an agility dog. She loves this!

    Two weeks from right now we will be nearing our first stop on our way home. ;)

  2. A heart warming post indeed. Greetings!


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