Monday, February 2, 2015

A new stove!

A short time ago, I was baking a cake in my oven and when the timer went off, the layers weren't even near being ready to take out.  I got an oven thermometer and discovered my oven is off by 35 degrees.  No wonder lately my pies have taken long than usual to adequately brown.

Do I replace this 18 year old stove or do I get another repair on it?  My friends encouraged me to get a new one. "As much as you like to cook and bake, go get a new one," one friend said.  Another friend pointed out the advancements in appliances since my old one was bought.

So I ventured into Charlotte (pronounced shar-LOT, to those outside Rochester!) Appliance, where I have bought all my appliances in the 40 plus years I have been in Rochester.  They are a family run business that has been around for 70 years.  You go in and ask questions, tell them your needs, and they will listen and make suggestions.  And they don't know the meaning of being "high-pressure." Delivery is free.

My new range will be delivered on Saturday.  As part of a promotion the store is having, I also get a free microwave.  My current microwave was installed by my father and he's been dead 12 years!

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