Sunday, October 19, 2014

Morgan's new toys

Through the agility class Morgan and I are enrolled in, I found out about a website,, that has all kinds of toys you don't normally find in the pet shops.

In the top picture, there are treats inside the center cylinder.  As she rolls the toy, the treats fall out.  In the bottom picture, you see a ball.  It comes apart in three pieces, held together with velcro, with treats in the bottom.  

These aren't the best pictures, but, folks, have you ever tried to hit a moving target with a camera???


  1. What really cool toys! We have a velcro ball exactly like Morgan's for our "kids." We have a similar treat ball, too. So much fun and they stay so busy.

  2. If I had gotten one of those for Barkley he would have ignored the "roll the ball so the treats fall out" and just got out the power saw.


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