Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So what's all the hype about Wegmans???

People outside of Western New York or those who have never been to a Wegmans just won't understand. . .

My son and daughter-in-law live in Richmond, Virginia.  Richmond is home to a lot of former Rochesterians.  So when news broke down there today that Wegmans is opening two stores in the Richmond area, excitement ran wild.

Wegmans started out in Rochester many years ago as a small cart selling groceries - I forget the year, but it was even before my time.  Over the years, through exceptional customer service, treating their employees well, and offering quality merchandise, Wegmans has grown into a world class grocery store.  It is still a family owned business.  Robert Wegman, the founder, died a few years back.  He was known to have walked into one of his stores and if he saw long lines at the check out, he would walk up to a closed cash register and start checking out customers.  It is no longer just a Rochester thing.  No, they are all over the mid-Atlantic states now.

Back when my sons were in college, one of them brought his girlfriend home one weekend and we took her to a Wegmans. . . I was busy getting what I needed and suddenly realized we were missing her.  We found her, walking around, totally dumbfounded.  She later told me, she had never seen a grocery store quite like this one, with more than just a few cash registers!

Besides the quantity and the quality of their merchandise, the thing that attracts me to Wegmans is asking for assistance in locating a product.  They don't just say, "Check down on that aisle."  No, No.  If you ask for help in finding something in Wegmans, they will walk with you to the item.  And if that particular employee doesn't know, they will soon find out for you.

They have their own bakery, with fresh baked goods.  They even have restaurants in store now.  That isn't a big deal to me, but to many people, it is!

So, to the people of Richmond, Virginia. . . just wait till you walk into Wegmans for the first time!!!

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  1. It sounds like a great place to shop. :)

    BTW, your images of your smoked chicken stayed in my mind when I went to the grocery store this week. I bought a chicken and My Honey is going to smoke it today. He has his own recipe. He was up at 4 AM to start it soaking. Today will be fun with a great dinner. :)



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