Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another great cousins' reunion is history

As my regular readers know, every Spring, I head South for our annual Cousins' Reunion.  This one was a lot of good times, a lot of laughs, and one that left us with memories that will last a lifetime.  Watch for pictures in my next post.

My cousin, Kenny, will always. . . always, get the last laugh.  This time was no exception.  Our day at the "old homestead" is very unstructured.  Some of us gather at the old downed tree where we shoot targets into the stump, some of us fish, others walk the land - it is acres and acres of unimproved land handed down for generations in our family.  So Kenny came back from a walk and held an object in front of me which I overlooked.  "Someone left an abandoned mobile home on our property!" he smiled.

"WHAT?"  I screamed.

"Yeah," he replied, seeming totally unconcerned.

First, I was enraged that someone would use our land for a dumping ground.  Further, I was angry at Kenny for acting like it was no big deal.

"Kenny, are you telling me someone has left a damn trailer on our property and you don't think it is a big deal?"

At this point, he pushed the "object" closer to my face.  But I was too mad to notice what it was.  "That is outrageous.  I am NOT going to stand for that!"  I screamed.

"What is that damn thing in your hand?" I asked.

"This is the abandoned mobile home. . ."  It was an empty turtle shell. . .

Yes, that's Kenny!

After a big day at the reunion, some of us headed over to Rita's in-laws' vacation home on a big lake for a few days.  It is so relaxing to sit on their enormous deck that sits over the water and just watch the world go by.  A pleasant change from my usual fast paced life back home.

This was our sixth year.  We ranged in age from Aunt Ileen, who is 92, and swears this is her last year at the reunion (she says that every year) to the next generation, some of our children came.  We all enjoyed it and look forward to Reunion #7!

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  1. Fantastic! Glad to know you had a grand time and are now home safely. :)


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