Sunday, February 9, 2014

A 'what if' moment

I hadn't eaten vegetables in the last two days so I knew that had to change.  After my morning coffee and taking up time with the dogs, I needed to think about breakfast.  So I opened the refrigerator and there was the almost empty bag of brussels sprouts I bought last week.

No, I don't want brussels sprouts for breakfast, no matter how good they are, or how many ways I have prepared them lately.

There was nothing in the fridge that excited me.  Nothing in the pantry either.  I wasn't in the mood for oatmeal or scrambled eggs. . .

I wonder how brussels sprouts would go with an omelette?  Hhhmmm. . .

Amazingly, it turned out great!

I whisked the eggs with milk, tabasco sauce, allspice and a dash of nutmeg while the omelette pan was heating up.  Next I grated cheddar into a small bowl.  I took 4 brussels sprouts from the bag, washed them under water and sliced them very thin.  I looked in the fridge to see if maybe there was a red bell pepper to add color variety.  No luck there.

I placed the cheese and brussels sprouts on one side of the egg mixture in the cast iron omelette pan and let that cook for awhile.  Then a flipped the other side over the cheese mixture.

What began as a last resort to ease my guilt at not getting enough vegetables, turned into a really tasty breakfast!

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  1. Yes, it does sound tasty! We often make pizza that way: crust, sauce, whatever is in the fridge topped by cheese. Yum!


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