Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sights and thoughts in the halls at work

I work in a large Medical Center.  To say it is a busy place, is an understatement.   When I leave the quiet of my office and wander down the halls, there is no telling what I will experience.

Come along with me on a "typical" walk. . . although there really is nothing typical in a Medical Center.

There is an Amish couple and three small daughters.  The man has a long, unkempt beard and the dark hat worn by the Amish.  The woman is attired in a long, simple dress with a white nylon cap.  The little girls are dressed similar to their mom.

There are people from every socio-economic background and every ethnic variety.  People who don't care about their appearance or a healthy lifestyle and those that do.

In an almost deserted hallway, I see a woman walking toward me that looks very familiar.  The person I think she is wouldn't be here in the Medical Center this time of day, I thought.  "SHERRY!" she exclaimed as she walked closer to me.  "I almost didn't recognize you without a gun in your hands!"

Uh-oh. . . I hope there are no left-wing nut cases within earshot!  It was Margaret, one of my sporting clays shooting buddies.  With my dress clothes on, minus jeans and a shooting vest, she didn't recognize me!

In another moment, I see a woman with a volunteer therapy dog coming my way.  A yellow Labrador Retriever.  "Oh, I just have to touch your dog!" I tell her.  My hands are all over this dog, Dar is his name, and he is just eating up the attention.  The hospital uses specially trained and screened dogs in the patient areas.  Research has proven this is a good approach to helping patients in their recovery and in relieving stress.  We talk "Labs" for awhile and then she is on her way.  But first, she commands Dar to "take a bow."  He goes down on his front legs right in front of me and my heart melts.

Oh, look over there!  There is an obviously proud dad, most likely going to visit his wife in the maternity area, with a toddler at his side wearing a T-shirt that says, "I'm the big brother."

A local TV reporter, whom I recognize, hurries along with her crew.  The Medical Center is a research center and over the years, hundreds of new therapies and discoveries have been made here.  In the next day or so, I would expect to see a story on the latest discovery on the 6:00 news.

Stepping into an elevator, I notice one woman looking at me intently.  I see her eyes move to my ID badge.  "Are you the same Sherry Bennett that has little twins?"

How do I answer that one?  "Uh, well. . . I do have twin sons but they aren't little anymore."

This was a woman I knew years ago from a church we went to back in the day!  I remembered her name but didn't recognize her.

When you step into the large Medical Center where I spend my weekdays, you just never know who or what you will encounter!

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  1. Thank you for taking us on your walk. Of course, I just love the meeting with the service dog. I told daughter Catherine about the bow and suggested she teach our pups that one for after they show off all of the other things they can do. :) I think that one will be added to their repertoire. :)


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