Thursday, October 17, 2013


Walking into work from the parking lot yesterday, in the rain, a woman asked me about my umbrella.  It does turn heads!

"It is a Gustbuster!" I told her and briefly explained that it will hold up in strong winds.  I have ruined countless umbrellas, with a cheaper price tag, in strong wind and rain.

It is large and provides much more coverage from rain than the dainty little ("prissy" is a better term) fold up umbrellas that I have heard people brag about, "It fits neatly in my bag."

Gustbuster umbrellas have a top cover over the upper part and underneath that are holes in each section that prevent strong winds from turning it inside out.  I bought mine directly from the company, but I believe now you have to go through an online retailer.  I have never seen them in the stores locally.  Just do a google of "gustbuster umbrellas" and you will find a source.

I have a long walk from the parking lot into the Medical Center and on a stormy day, I wouldn't want to be without my Gustbuster!

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  1. Sounds pretty cool. I remember having to walk through parking lots on the way to work and could have used one of those. The weather never waited for me to be inside before lashing out!


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