Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just sayin'

No matter what side of the gun issue you are on, I think any reasonable person would shake their head in disgust at some of the outrageous decisions by school officials recently and their zero tolerance policies towards guns.  For example, a 5 year old child is suspended for chewing a cookie into the shape of a gun.  A high school student, who had gone shooting the day before, arrived at school and realized he had forgotten to remove the cased gun from his trunk.  He called his mother to come and take the gun home.  He was caught by authorities and severely punished.  The list goes on and on and gets more disgraceful.

We have come a long way since the day after Christmas vacation when I was a first grader and proudly wore my cowgirl outfit, complete with a cowgirl hat, belt and holster with a real live cap gun and was the envy of a lot of the kids that day.

According to a Fox News website story, psychologists are now saying these gross acts of zero tolerance on the part of school officials could backfire on children.  AMEN!

I don't make a secret that I am a very strong believer in Second Amendment rights.  I believe if you are of sound mind and do not have a criminal background, you should be able to own a gun and purchase that gun without unreasonable red tape.  What do I do with my guns?  Some in my collection are for self defense and concealed carry.  One is for sporting clays shooting.  Others are for target shooting.  Being a history buff, I love my two 1911 pistols.  They were designed in the year 1911 and were used by the military until just a few years ago. 

I am highly trained in defensive pistol, home invasion protection, and overall gun safety.  I don't believe that buying a gun and toting it around on your hip makes you safe if you have not taken proper training.  I know the laws of the state where I live regarding firearms backwards and forwards.  I know when I can shoot in self defense and when I can't.

Taking my guns away from me or limiting the number of rounds I can carry in them is not going to stop gun violence anymore than taking my car away from me is going to stop drunk driving.

I respect and will intelligently debate anyone who opposes my views, so long as that person can also intelligently debate the issue and not get carried away with hysteria and stupidity and false information.


  1. We could take new shotguns to school to show the teacher what we would hunt with. Capguns were more popular than Barbie. All of the kids in my family went into Defense or Law Enforcement, either local or federal and not one of us has ever shot "the good guy".

    Wonderful words Sherry, you are a positive example to your family and those around you.


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