Saturday, December 8, 2012

Conversations at the hair salon

I was 20 minutes early for my hair appointment this morning.  There were no magazines available that I cared to look at so my mind just kind of wandered to nothing in particular.

There were two small girls playing quietly on the floor waiting for their mom.  There was an older girl in the waiting area with her mom and another in the chair not far from where I was sitting.  I quickly picked up on the fact that these two girls were about the same age and they looked very much alike.  "Are they twins?" I asked their mom.  Now that used to be a question I really did not like to get many years ago.  When I had my twin sons in a stroller, often dressed alike, and definitely they looked alike and were the same size, I would get annoyed when people constantly asked, "Are they twins?"

This woman and I began a vibrant, often comical conversation!  She pointed to the two smaller girls playing on the floor.  They were twins too, although not hers. We shared twin stories.  Then she asked me if my sons had gone to college.  I said they both did.  Her daughters were seniors in high school and they were still trying to decide if they should go to the same college or to different ones.  We discussed the pros and cons of both sides of that issue!  My boys went to different colleges in different states.  My one fear for four years was that their graduation day would be on the same day.  Turns out they graduated a week apart so I could go to both graduations.

We agreed that the first two years with twins, your whole life is nothing but taking care of them.  I would have been bored with one baby to care for!  As they get older, they tend to be involved in the same activities so you aren't running in different directions at once!

I was enjoying this conversation so much that when my hair dresser called for me, I told her she was interrupting us!


  1. How fun! But I don't know if I could handle two lab puppies at once. Hope Morgan is well!

    1. You are right! Twins were nothing compared to one Lab puppy in the house!!! Morgan is growing so fast and has more energy than the energizer bunny!

  2. That does sound like fun! :) We have twin granddaughters. They are fraternal twins and now at eleven, one is much taller than the other so they don't get those "twin" questions as often. Their mother often dresses them alike, very often in matching sweaters I have knit for them. :) They are in different class rooms at school so they get very individual treatment. Twins are SUCH fun, but they take a whole lot more knitting! ;)

  3. off topic, but your comment tonight.

    You are always welcome here to share adventures (and pick up dog hair). If you are over in IND or Northern IL (second home) drop me a line. I'd LOVE to have coffee with you and share dog tails.


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