Monday, November 19, 2012

Could we be in for another mild winter???

I must be getting old.  I used to get excited about the snow, the more the better. . .

In western New York State, we usually have a few minor snow showers beginning as early as October.  By Thanksgiving, we have had a "major snowfall"!  Not this year!  Last year was a mild winter.  I don't remember cranking up my snowblower all winter. . . maybe I did, but definitely it was one or two times.

I resent cutting in to my coffee time in the morning to go out an blast away at a foot or more of snow just so I can get out to go to work.  Then you come inside and lay out all your clothing on the floor and whatever else is available to dry out because it is soaked. . . not a good start to my day.

This winter is starting out like last winter and I'm happy!

Besides, I have a new car this year.  And the less snow and salt I can get on it, the better.  For those of you in the South or elsewhere that does not get snow, salt is put on the roads to help cut down on accidents.  Great for traction, but terrible on cars.


  1. According to the old timers around here, the amount of nuts on the ground is indicative of the winter. Lots of nuts, lots of snow.

    I left my truck out in the driveway for three days, and it had 2 inches of nuts in the bed. That is not a good sign if the old timers are correct. Still on Thanksgiving, it's supposed to be 61 degrees.

    I hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, Sherry.

    1. Let's hope those old timers are wrong! It is sunny and shirt sleeve weather here in western New York today. I'll take it!

  2. I sure hope you are spared from heavy snows this Winter. I always love to see one pretty snow. Here in NC, it can snow and shut down traffic and close schools and then it is all melted away. We had a mild season last year and so far, it sounds like it is going to be about the same for this year. My husband had an aunt that lived in Rochester and I remember her talking about the hard winters. Thanks for your visit to my blog and I wish you a wonderful holiday season.


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