Saturday, June 30, 2012

A fun day with shotguns and pistols

Several weeks back, five of us, all avid gun enthusiasts, spent a fun time shooting sporting clays and then some of us target shooting with pistols and revolvers.  Ralph was visiting Tom for the weekend and he brought his very impressive collection of handguns.  Here are some pictures from that day.

Margaret and her son, Chris

With sporting clays, you move from one station to the next, shooting at moving targets.  The disk can come from any direction, high, low, fast, slow, toward you, away from you. . . yes it's a challenge!

Next we moved over to the shooting bays for target practice.  This is me showing off some of my guns to Chris.  Unfortunately, he could only look. . . and dream! . . . as he isn't old enough yet to get a pistol permit.

Ralph's pistol permit is a mile long to list all his pistols!  He stores them in socks!!!

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