Monday, January 9, 2012

This is winter?

Amazing. The calendar says it is January 9, 2012. Yet so far this year, Rochester has had less than two inches of snow! The stores are well stocked with snow shovels and snow blowers but they are gathering dust!

We have had very cold weather, just no snow. The ski areas can make snow as long as the temperature cooperates, and it has.

By this time in most years, Rochester has had at least a couple of major storms. This year may go down in the record books as the mildest winter on record if things don't change. Oh, but this is Rochester and you know what they say, "If you don't like the weather in Rochester, stick around. It will change."


  1. And if winter remains this way, it kinda makes ya wonder what the rest of the year will be like - will it continue to be super mild? Will it get evil to make up for the lack of winter? Will the insect pests be reeeeeally bad? Could be interesting! Still, you know me - I sure would be happy with a blizzard before the end of winter!

  2. A blizzard on the weekend would be okay, but I don't like using the snowblower on my ultra long driveway before daylight on a weekday!

  3. We vote for more mild weather until we can make our trip to FL and get there safely without fighting snow storms along the way. Two years ago I did the trip alone (he had to fly in early to relieve someone who had to leave early) during a heavy snow, ice, and snow emergencies. It wasn't fun at all! That snow sure is pretty, though, so I'll vote with you for a weekend snow so we can take some pictures.

  4. We have had a mild winter so far, too. I remember when my husband's aunt lived in Rochester and she was always covered with snow during the winter. Our flower bulbs are coming up and have had a few to bloom already. We have March to look forward to because some years we have gotten a lot of snow then.
    Thanks for your visit to my blog. I hope I can do more posting this year.

  5. I just posted on Pics and Pieces that we got our heat bill, and last year this past month the average temp was 24º and this year it was 37º happens every now and then but it is still strange.


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