Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ten years later. . .

I will never forget where I was and the feelings I had on that horrific day ten years ago.

I was a realtor at the time. I was home that morning waiting for the Time Warner guy to come and connect my computer to the internet. I had showered and dressed and was cleaning up in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

I walked through the living room and opened the door, smiling at the technician. But it was the look on his face that gave me a strange feeling and took away my smile. "Ma'am, do you have your TV on?," he asked. Before I could answer, he walked past me at the front door and turned on my TV. "A plane hit the World Trade Center," he told me.

That didn't sink in. When the shock of his words wore off, my mind rationalized that it was an accident, although I couldn't figure out how. As the screen opened up and I saw the smoke coming out of the Tower, my mind just went blank. I saw the smoke but I wasn't able to process any reasonable thinking.

He sat down on my couch. Although I don't remember, at some point I found myself sitting on the love seat with my eyes glued to the screen. He said some things that I heard as a voice but not words.

Still in a state of shock, my eyes saw the next plane hit the Tower. I had no emotion at that point. It is hard to describe. You see what is happening, but your mind and body can't process it.

Like most people, I had trouble coming to grips with those events and for months afterward I was in a state of depression that over time wore off.

Now ten years later, I still have lingering feelings and emotions of that day. But one thing I can see today that I didn't see then, the United States has survived and will survive, no matter what. We will not be broken.

How about you? Please share your own story. Where were you that day? What were your feelings and how did you get past this terrible day?


  1. We were home, too. My Honey walked the dog while I saw the news of the first hit. The second plane confirmed our worst fears. Ten days later we flew to Venice via JFK airport in NYC, then London to join Splendour of the Seas. My Honey asked if I really wanted to go back to work with him. I said, "I sure do. I'm not going to let those a.. ....s change my life."

    Today we are sailing out on Freedom of the Seas for another ten weeks. We paused for a moment of silence before we sailed. The tears rolled down many faces when we did.

    Recently someone made a somewhat snide comment on my blog about my pictures from the US Air Force Museum - the comment had to do with weapons. I have one comment to that guy: If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank our military. I'm also upset with the people who say those in NY, DC, and PA "gave" their lives on 9/11. They didn't GIVE them! They were MURDERED!

    I am writing this at 4:32 PM, EDT. We are sailing out of Port Canaveral at this moment.

    This has been a very emotional day - busy coming on board and full of tears while watching the TV.

    All the best to the families of those who have suffered since 9/11 both in the USA and while bringing the bad guys to justice.

    We will never forget our nation's heroes. God Bless America.


    (Sherry, I hope you don't mind that I got carried away.)

  2. Not at all, Lois! You and are think alike on so many things, this one included.


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