Thursday, August 5, 2010

A surprise letter in today's mail

One of my elderly second cousins sent me a letter today. She had been going through some old boxes and found a handwritten note from my dad when he was in World War II. I recognized his handwriting as soon as I opened the envelope. She wrote that all the cousins were close when they were growing up.

Now let me tell you about this cousin!!! She and her brother, geez, they must both be well into their 90's, never married and they've lived together all these years. This past March when my cousins and I (the younger generation!) met on our family land down in Alabama, these two came to visit. He still drives. I wonder why his car has so many scrapes and dings? The rest of us were dressed in our jeans and T-shirts and sneakers. After all, we were out in the middle of the rural Alabama woods with just family! But here this pair came dressed like they were going to church! Very old school Southern mindset!!!

God bless them! Who knows how folks will talk about us when we are that old!

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  1. How very sweet! It's so nice to get a piece of the past, especially such an important one! And, about coming all dressed up, my Dad even wore a suit to the grocery store. Signs of the times, I guess.

    I'm logging in via satellite in the middle of the night. Couldn't stand it any more! It's so nice to visit your blog.



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