Friday, June 4, 2010

Molly's new bed

Molly's new bed arrived today from LL Bean. I began noticing signs that maybe my nine-year-old Lab is having joint problems. She sleeps on the carpeted floor by my bed. Often I will wake up and find my robe, which was at the foot of my bed when I went to sleep, is now on the floor turned into a makeshift bed. My daughter-in-law agreed that maybe I should get her a decent bed.

So, according to LL Bean's charts, for Molly's weight, she needed the large size and that is what I ordered. When I opened the box this afternoon and unfolded the bed, it kept getting bigger and bigger! This thing would easily accomodate two Labrador Retrievers!

I put the outer cover on it and then put it on the living room floor. . . Molly was scared of it! She would walk up to it, sniff at it and walk away. "Listen, dammit, I paid a LOT of money for your comfort and you are going to like this bed, do you understand?"

Once I forced her onto it, she decided maybe this was a good thing!


  1. Awwww, how sweet. What a pretty face! I'm sure she'll just love her bed when she realizes how comfy it is. :) Oh, how I miss my puppies! Well, they're one and five year old Labs, but they don't know they're not puppies.

    Very best to you and Molly,

  2. Great photo,lol..she doesnt look all that impressed ! Does it make a rustling noise when you lay on it? Maybe thats what is putting her off ???
    She will get use to it in time :0)
    Molly is a gorgeous looking Lab,they are my favorite breed.

  3. No. She just never likes anything new! This photo was taken after I "forced" her to lay on it. When I put it beside my bed last night where she sleeps, she went right to it, curled up and went to sleep! You might say she is a bit spoiled!!!

  4. That looks like the LL Bean Bed Barkley has. When he was a youngster he literally ate his way through about half a dozen cheap dog beds and finally the one from LL Bean that was advertised as being chew proof caught my eye. It was a lot of money but so was half a dozen cheap beds.

    He's had it 7 years. Other than a couple of tiny holes that never got any bigger, it's held up REALLY well and he loves sleeping on it.


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