Friday, October 9, 2009

A wet and dreary evening

It is nights like tonight that I am thankful for my freezer in the basement. I have had a very busy week. My brain and my body are tired. And I'm hungry. Often on nights like this I will make a plate of fresh veggies and fruit and have it along with my glass of wine. But tonight I don't have any fresh fruit or vegetables in the house. I looked in my freezer to see if there was anything that appealed to me. . . my homemade swiss chard and artichoke soup? No, I just had a bowl of that not too long ago. . . ah! I found a ziploc bag of my homemade chili! Perfect! So as I write this, my chili is heating up on the stove.

I took my big red dolly to work today to begin bringing home some of my personal items around my work area. Next Friday I begin my new job. . . yeah, I know. It's crazy to start a new job on a Friday! But our payroll department would not allow my transfer until the end of the pay period. As I was walking along the sidewalk with four big boxes strapped to the dolly, a woman looked at me and said, "I hope you aren't taking all that home to work over the weekend!" That made me laugh! "No", I answered, "just moving to a new job next week and it's gonna take awhile to bring all my things home." Even though I'm staying within the University where I have worked for six years, my new job is in another location. So it is not a matter of putting my belongings on a cart and carrying them down the hall.

Mmmm. . . I can smell the chili. . . now I"m really hungry!


  1. Hi Sherry,I hope you enjoy your last week at work.They say a change is as good as a holiday..(im not so sure thats true however)I had a chuckle when I read you took your big red dolly to work!!! I was picturing,a doll,lol.It all made sence as I read on :0)By the way ,what you call a sidewalk,we call a footpath.Have a great weekend.

  2. That's funny about the "dolly"!!! Actually, a dolly is something that helps move heavy objects. It can be nothing more than a small flat board on wheels. Mine is a stand up metal rack on two wheels. I use it around the house to move things. These boxes weren't heavy, just big. I still have two potted plants, a calendar, and another plastic storage chest to bring home.

  3. Pa informs me ,we call it a "hand trolley"!And apparently we have one in the

  4. LOL!!! It's been a long time, but I remember hearing the term "hand trolley" It's amusing how, not just different countries, but often different parts of the US, have different terms for things. When I was in Ireland, I said the word, "eggplant" in front of an Irishman and I was told they have a different term for that vegetable - can't remember now, but it wasn't even close to "eggplant"!


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