Monday, August 17, 2009

An unbelievable day

My day got off to a horrifying start. I am dog sitting for a neighbor. Let me begin by telling you when it comes to keys, especially other people's keys, I am a fanatic about being careful - keeping them in the same place so that they don't get lost. At 6:00 am I went over to let Casey out and feed her. Then about 7:30 am, I started back over there to let her out one more time before I left for work. I could not find the key. I walked over to their house, thinking possibly I had dropped the key or even worse, left it in the lock. Nothing. I ran back to my house and in ten minutes time literally tore my house apart looking everywhere I had been this morning. Nothing. I had been wearing my bath robe the first time I went over there this morning so I frantically checked those pockets, even shook my robe in case the key had somehow found its way out of the pockets and onto my bed where the robe was laying. Still nothing. Panic set in. I didn't want to call my neighbors that early. After all, they are away and I thought they could be sleeping late. I honestly do not remember driving to work this morning. I got to my desk and just could not shake the feeling of anxiety and despair. Finally I called their cell number. I told him what had happened and asked if they had a key hidden somewhere outside. "Oh, sure!," he said and then told me where it was.

I left work about 10:30 to come back to their house, found the key and let Casey out to go potty before hurrying back to work. I was too upset to eat my lunch until later in the afternoon and found it very difficult to concentrate today at work.

After work, I again searched my house. This time the panic wasn't there because at least I had a way of getting into their house now. I took their spare key and had two copies made. The new keys both worked beautifully.

I took the sheets out of the dryer that I had washed and dried before I went to work this morning. Now, why, you are thinking, amd I telling you THAT? Well, I laid the sheets on my bed to begin folding them. . . and guess what happened? I heard a slight tinkling sound. I couldn't believe my eyes! The lost key was in the sheets that had gone through the washer and dryer this morning!

Unbelievable. I should sleep well tonight. My brain is exhausted from anxiety.

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  1. You always find things in the last place you look ,lol...funny story,now,maybe not this morning :0)


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